The negative effects of electromagnetic waves and electrosmog have been discussed for years: many texts have been written and many studies have been published. Little has been done, however, to propose solutions to this phenomenon, which is unfortunately expanding rapidly!

With specific and professional surveying we can unmask the spots in our homes, offices, medical offices, etc. where electromagnetic waves are present and/or strongest.

A protected shielded environment of electrosmog allows us to regenerate, sleep without interference, gain peace of mind, etc.
Electromagnetic waves do not allow the brain to rest as it would like, it is in fact composed largely of water and suffers a lot.
Moreover, children are the first to suffer very often from the undesirable effects of electromagnetic waves: they manifest it with lack of concentration, disturbed sleep, agitation, etc.

Very often we think we have done everything possible to create protected places, avoiding emissions, but we forget that waves also come from outside the home.

Over the years we have accumulated a lot of experience and noticed how much benefit it brings to have interference-free areas to "take refuge," not only for us humans but also for our beloved pets.


The solution?

Simple, after surveying with our equipment the places in the home/room most affected and doing a careful analysis, different solutions (some inexpensive and some a little less so) to mitigate or remove this phenonmeno altogether will be evaluated and weighed.

  • Guide and tricks on how to detach from technology (incl. smartphones)
  • Coaching to personal bio-psycho-social well-being
  • Step-by-step guide on how to take back your time
  • How to develop one's memory
  • Managing everyday life
  • Prevention of technology addiction
  • Day-by-day coaching and accompaniment (1:1)
  • Guidance in protecting, storing and migrating sensitive and important data
  • Research and analysis of data related to your person/company on Clear, Deep and Dark Web
  • Anonymization of web activity (OS, software, browser, etc.)
  • Fingerprint reduction
  • etc
  • Removing your name or business history from the web (search engines, DBs, directories, links,...)
  • Online reputation management and negative reviews (google, facebook, tripadvisor,...)
  • Intelligence analysis on Clear, Deep and Dark Web
  • Brand, Social and Cyber Surveillance/Monitor
  • Ad Hoc (ie. pricing, competition, market,...) and automated (ie. data mining, scraping, crawling, scripting...) data collection and analysis
  • Acquiring a new digital identity (incl. SEO transition)
  • Ethical Hacking / Pentest
  • Implementation of technology tools (tech enablement)
  • Production of legal documentation (PP, TOS, contracts, etc.)